About our Programs

Our twelve week Women’s Wellness Programs are based on the latest evidence from researchers, and health professionals world wide to help you focus on all aspects of your life including managing weight through appropriate exercise and nutrition, coping with stress, looking at life cycle changes including growing up and growing older. The programs are available as a group activity or a self paced program you can do in your own home.

Our current programs include:

Younger Women's Wellness after Cancer Program

Younger Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program (YWWACP) focuses on younger women after a diagnosis and treatment for cancer and includes healthy exercise and diet, managing sexuality concerns, early menopause and fertility issues alongside management of treatment side effects. A great way to focus on your future health and wellbeing. Find out more >

ACUMEN – Enhancing treatment outcomes after gynaecological cancer

Enhancing treatment outcomes after gynaecological cancer (ACUMEN): Investigating the effect of exercise on health-related quality of life Find out more >

Emerald – Younger Women’s Wellness after Cancer Feasibility Study

A team of leading Australian and New Zealand health researchers are undertaking this study to pilot a lifestyle intervention, the Younger Women’s Wellness after Cancer Program, in Australian women. Find out more >

The Kōwhai Study

Find out more >

Younger Women's Wellness Program

The Younger Women’s Wellness Program is designed for women 18 and over. These days many women are so busy juggling work and young family responsibilities there is little time left for themselves. Life just gets in the way! This very practical, easy to manage 12-week, lifestyle program will help you prioritise your health and learn simple strategies to assist you with making time for healthy eating and exercise, plus give you support and tips on many other things that young women have to manage. Find out more >

Pasifika Women's Diabetes Wellness Program

The program was developed with Māori and Pasifika women with type 2 diabetes living in Queensland. It is based on the Pacific Health models created by and available to Pacific communities’ and where Pasifika cultural contexts are embedded. The Pasifika Women’s Diabetes Wellness Program focuses on “Wellness”. Find out more >

Women's Wellness Program

The Women’s Wellness Program (WWP) is for midlife women who want to focus on wellness in midlife with particular attention to managing menopause and other midlife concerns and developing healthy eating and exercise habits. Find out more >

Women's Wellness after Cancer Program

The Women’s Wellness after Cancer program (WWACP) is ideal for midlife and older women who are completing cancer treatment; it has an emphasis on wellness and the management of residual side effects following treatment. Find out more >

Women's Wellness with Type 2 Diabetes Program

The Women’s Wellness with type 2 diabetes Program is centred around ‘wellness’ this means being the best you can be in all aspects of your health and lifestyle. Supported by the very best evidence around Type 2 diabetes this 12-week lifestyle intervention can help you understand more about your diabetes and set in place positive eating and other lifestyle changes that we hope you will always continue. Find out more >

Growell for Health Program

This program aims to bring reliable, research based health information into a structured 8-week program – focused mainly on physical activity and healthy eating, it will also address issues such as mental well-being, sleep and healthy lifestyle habits. Find out more >

Our archived programs include:

  • Pink Pilot Study in collaboration with Bluebox at Queensland University of Technology, 2011

To find out more about these previous programs, research outcomes and when/if they are running again next, please contact us.