Younger Women’s Wellness Program

Younger Women’s Wellness Program

Welcome to our Younger Women’s Wellness Program. We believe you are at the start of a valuable journey. These days’ younger women are very busy trying to juggle work and family priorities, leaving little time for themselves. Our 12-week, stepwise, program is all about you. It will help you set in place positive eating exercise and other good lifestyle habits that we hope you will always continue.

The purpose of the next 12 weeks is to start you on a journey to becoming more healthy and energetic. We have pulled together evidenced based information into an easy to read, bright,  interactive journal to guide you through the process step by step, giving you daily or weekly focus points to facilitate you on your journey. Each week builds upon the next to help you make healthy lifestyle changes, gradually bringing the various components of the journal into your life.

About the program

There are four steps in the Younger Women’s Wellness Program, with each step taking three weeks to complete. In step 1, we get you started on the program and provide you with practical healthy lifestyle coaching. Step 2 is about consolidating the changes you have made in the first few weeks. In step 3, you will learn about important health issues for young women and you will be encouraged to maintain the healthy lifestyle habits you have started, Finally in step 4, we want you to become independent and to develop your own strategies to maintain your healthy lifestyle behaviours for the rest of your life.

Health Professional support

This program can be complemented by having a health professional support you over the twelve weeks. For more information go to

Program research

This program is also being researched to see its benefits for women suffering from Pre Menstrual Syndrome (PMS). Pre Menstrual syndrome refers to a group of symptoms that occur for women in between ovulation and their periods, common symptoms can include: mood swings and irritability, bloating, tender breasts, depression amongst others. The cause isn’t fully understood but is thought to be due to hormonal changes. Lifestyle changes supported by a lifestyle program may help reduce symptoms.

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