Women Wellness After Giving Birth

Women Wellness After Giving Birth

Program overview

Becoming a mother is a turning point for woman in every physical and mental aspect. We realize a fact that postpartum mothers will have hundreds of thousands of questions and concerns that need to be answered but most of them focus on how to take the best care for the baby while mothers are still struggling to find answers for their own health concerns. Mothers sometimes forget that mothers yourselves need and deserve for the best care.

For postpartum mothers, the first few weeks after giving birth are important. When mother’s body has not yet recovered after the process of pregnancy and labour, mother needs to ready right away to take care of the newborn baby. Instead of believing and practicing following the word-of-mouth knowledge without any scientific evidence, we understand that mothers will need a postpartum healthcare program with evidence-based advice based on the most up-to-date medical knowledge.

Therefore, the Women Wellness After Giving Birth for Vietnamese Women Program (WWAGBP) was established to support mothers in overcoming such a challenging period. The program will help improve mothers’ physical and mental health and the quality of life after giving birth so that mothers can take care of their babies in the best conditions.

The program will accompany and support mothers 12 weeks after giving birth. In our online program, the information is presented clearly and interestingly following the natural process of recovery throughout the 12 weeks. Mothers will receive daily detailed instructions via email with helpful information on how to take care of their health and be aware of high-risk health problems and ways to overcome them. All information is presented concisely, with animated illustrations, or mothers can listen to podcasts by healthcare professionals and watch short videos with live instructions.

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