Women’s Wellness Program

Women’s Wellness Program

About the program

Our 12-week Women’s Wellness Program (WWP) is based on the latest evidence from researchers, and health professionals world wide. This program can help you focus on all aspects of your life including managing weight through appropriate exercise and nutrition, coping with stress, and looking at life cycle changes including strategies to reduce the impact of menopause and improve sexuality.  The program can be offered as a group activity or a self paced program you can complete in your own home.

This program is ideal for midlife women who want to focus on wellness in midlife with particular attention to managing menopause and other midlife concerns and developing healthy eating and exercise habits.

The program includes pod casts, provision of the program in either electronic (iBook or PDF) or hard copy format and an opportunity for consultations with experienced women’s health nurses using FaceTime, Skype and or phone.

Program research

Research has revealed that certain lifestyle factors and health behaviours can have a positive impact upon quality of life, chronic disease risk factors and other health related areas for midlife women. Our 12-week program can help you achieve your exercise and dietary goals and improve your overall quality of life.

For more information or to register your interest in the Women’s Wellness Program contact us at info@dawncomplete.org.au

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