Vicky Graham and True North Wellness

True North Wellness is an exercise, health and wellness centre integrating allied health & fitness practices in a safe and welcoming environment. Their team of passionate health professionals have the expertise and experience to support people to improve your health, no matter where they are starting from. Whether you want to lose weight, manage your diabetes or are recovering from an illness or injury True North Wellness can tailor a personalised health plan to assist your needs. This may include helping you to move safely, eat healthier or have a more positive headspace.

Vicky Graham is a Women’s Health Exercise Physiologist at True North Wellness with over 30 years experience working with women to achieve their full health potential. As an Accredited Exercise Physiologist she has the depth of knowledge and expertise to work with specialist medical conditions to ensure a coordinated approach with your health team. Vicky is a trained facilitator of the DAWN Women’s Wellness Programs and delivers these programs in her clinic True North Wellness in Brisbane’s Northside. Her natural health coaching style as a practitioner compliments the wholistic lifestyle approach of the women’s wellness programs.

Vicky loves delivering the DAWN Women’s Wellness Programs as they “Empower women with evidence based health information, support and confidence to be the best version of themselves” Vicky has had extensive experience working with women during and after cancer. Her speciality area of movement and exercise is an important strategy to help manage the effects of cancer treatments but “knowing where to start and how to progress can be overwhelming for women”. Vicky breaks it down into small sustainable steps and empowers women to use exercise as a positive strategy in this challenging stage. Vicky practices what she preaches and enjoys running and doing triathlons with her family and dog. Her 80:20 rule ensures she enjoys a balanced approach to living a healthy lifestyle.

The collaboration with health professionals like Vicky Graham allows the DAWN programs to be delivered in different areas both virtually and also as in-house programs. This facilitates DAWN’s holistic wellness approach through a diverse range of qualified practitioners.

Vicky Graham can be contacted on 0438 158179 and at and