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Magnesium Deficiency

This information has been summarized from a discussion by George. D. Lundberg MD (in medscape.com May 2015)

Dr Lundberg says Magnesium is an essential mineral that has significance in multiple regulatory enzyme systems controlling, bone, muscle, nerve, protein, DNA, glucose and energy metabolism.  He discusses a report in 2009 by the World Health Organization that stated in America 75% of people did not consume enough magnesium in their diet. This may be due to the prevalence of fast or processed food intake. Interestingly consumption of alcohol even in moderate amounts can double or even quadruple the loss of magnesium from the body.

Deficiency in magnesium has been blamed for many illnesses including irregular heart beat, high blood pressure, anxiety, seizures, leg cramps, restless leg syndrome, fatigue, weakness, pre menstrual syndrome, osteoporosis and fibromyalgia. He points out that blood tests are not a reliable indicator of a person’s magnesium level but in people presenting with the issues described above, low magnesium should be considered

The recommended daily intake of magnesium varies according to whether you are male or female but Lundberg says 400mg is an average amount to include in your daily intake, preferably from your diet.

Magnesium is found in dark leafy greens, especially kale and spinach and broccoli, tree-nuts and peanuts; seeds; oily fish; lentils, legumes, whole-grains, avocado, yoghurt bananas, kiwi fruit, dried fruit, dark chocolate and molasses.

Check with your doctor whether or not it is ok to take a supplement if don’t think you are getting enough magnesium in your diet.  (I think I know what my supplement might be……!)