Entwine Program

Being diagnosed and treated for gynaecological cancer is a major life stressor associated with a range of psychological and physical challenges. Timely and evidence-based intervention is important in assistant women to respond effectively to these challenges.

ENTWINE: provides a framework for health care professionals to assist in identifying and responding to distress in women with gynaecological cancer. It brings together the literature on psychological responses to cancer; the main sources of distress reported by women with gynaecological cancer with an emphasis on sexuality concerns; the importance of screening for distress; effective psychological interventions for women with gynaecological cancer; and a tiered model of care to help direct a focused and well-targeted response.

Led By Dr Charrlotte Seib and her team this unique research is  using a gynaecological distress screening tool to help health care professionals clearly identify and support women who are experiencing gynaecological cancer related stressors. This research program is  being trialled in Brisbane and the Gold Coast.