Tom Bailey

Dr Tom Bailey is a Research Fellow in the School of Nursing Midwifery and Social Work and leads the Physiology and Ultrasound Laboratory in Science and Exercise at the University of Queensland (links below). As an exercise physiologist, his research focuses on understanding changes in cardiovascular health across the spectrum of healthy ageing and chronic disease. He also aims to understand the potential benefits of exercise training for women’s health, including following cancer treatment. This includes current local and nationally funded exercise trials in patients with breast and gynaecological cancer. To do this, Dr Bailey implements a variety of novel ultrasound imaging techniques for the assessment of vascular function and structure, including at the brain, heart, and systemic arteries. Tom’s research includes aiming to understand the pathophysiology of post-menopausal hot flushes, and the efficacy of exercise training for alleviating hot-flush frequency and severity. As an extension of this work, he has recently shown that in women treated for breast cancer, those who remained physically active, and met guidelines for more intense physical activity, reported less severe symptoms associated with the menopause. Dr Bailey currently manages the ACUMEN trial, which aims to understand the physical benefits of exercise therapy in women following treatment for gynaecological cancer.

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