Alcohol consumption is always a risk and the risk further increases if there is an excess on a regular basis or if binge drinking occurs. Excess alcohol consumption by women can cause issues in weight gain, high blood pressure, and increases risk for many health conditions including cancers and diabetes. Health and wellness in relation to alcohol does not have to take away alcohol all together for women, however promoting a healthy lifestyle whereby alcohol is not relied upon can ensure you are not consuming too much. These are some useful tips for the home and the workplace to promote this balance and provide positive healthy living messages surrounding alcohol intake:

1. Try not to make staff or other outings in places that promote alcohol consumption.
2. Always have water/other options available instead of alcohol at work functions.
3. Attempt to set goals to reduce the amount of standard drinks you have per day/week.
4. Avoid binge drinking.

These few tips can reduce the risks that come with consuming alcohol. Though avoiding alcohol all together would be the ultimate goal to avoid the many risks that can come from its consumption, remember there are other options. By placing smaller goals like specific weeks or months with no alcohol it is recommended to decrease the chances of getting a life-threatening illness and increasing overall health and wellness.