Spotlight on… Meet Emma from the Pelvic Hub

The Pelvic Hub is a great resource for women experiencing pelvic health issues.  These  may include pain, scarring and vaginal dryness amongst other symptoms. The Pelvic  Hub was founded by physiotherapist and Pilates instructor Emma McGeorge

Emma why did you start the Pelvic Hub ?

I  spent years managing my own pelvic health issues. I had to  advocate for myself with countless medical professionals and I have tested every product imaginable.

To be honest I was fed up with the lack of information and genuine support available for people experiencing pelvic health issues.  I  decided it was time something changed, so I created this web site, the Pelvic Hub.

What is the most important aspect of starting this web site up for you ?

I want to combat stigma and  create positive pathways to pelvic health. I also wanted  to enable people to take an active role in their own recovery. It’s really hard to women to talk about these aspects of their health. I want to change that and at least give them a place to go or a site to access that support them.  One that is open and honest and helps stop them being embarrassed.

When someone visits your web site, what will they find?

Information, support and importantly resources . Like you, we interview health professional who have experience in the area of pelvic health. We  cover all things pelvic from pregnancy to a diagnosis of cancer and managing the pelvic effects of treatment. For example, Vaginal dryness or discomfort  is common to women after babies are born as a result of tears or scarring. It’s also a common feature during menopause and with cancer treatment. It makes intimacy uncomfortable and for some women just life in general, with irritable bladders and soreness.  So we have lots of information about lubricants and dilators !! We like to make our site fun but highly professional and use the best evidence for our products. There is also information about bladder concerns, pelvic pain, pelvic floor, pregnancy and menopause.

Emma, how do you know what products to choose ?

We source products that are specifically designed with the pelvis in mind. They are made from the highest quality materials and are free from nasty chemicals, cheap fillers and poorly made plastics. This makes them safe for you to use and kind to your body.  Take a look at my page “Lube it’s not just for porn stars”

In between managing The Pelvic Hub and resourcing products, what do you like to do in your spare time?

When I’m not testing products, buying or talking to people I love to get out in nature, hang with my family or simply go out for coffee with friends.

Thanks Emma, If you would like to visit Emma’s site go to